Chris’ current composing and arranging projects include the following:

The Hill Trow Prologues – written for Pegasus Trio and inspired by the mythical hill trows of the Orkney Islands.  These four pieces are based on some the most traditional Scottish country dances:  Strathspey, Waltz, and Scottish Lilt. 

Make a Hawk a Dove, Stop a War with Love – arranged for Pegasus Trio.  This is a medley of TV themes celebrating TV heroines of the 1960s and ‘70s.  There are seven themes woven together.  We look forward to seeing if the audience can name them all!

Mudéjar – written with Douglas Seth for Mosaic String Duo, and orchestrated by Chris for a concert with the Wilmington Community Orchestra this past January.  Many thanks to Tiffany Lu and Cheri Astolfi for this wonderful opportunity!

Hooks & Crooks – commissioned by the Wilmington-area chamber ensemble Mélomanie for their 2017-18 season.  It’s a three movement work for flute, violin, viola da gamba, and guitar.  It is an honor to compose music for such an esteemed group of musicians! 

Please refer to the Performance Calendar page for opportunities to hear this music live!

Chris' current activities at The Music School of Delaware include the following:

One of Chris’ teaching duties for The Music School is coordinating the Cultural Crossroads Series.  These events explore the cultures of various geographical areas around the world, as well as cultural highlights from notable historical periods.  Please join us for our 1930's themed program on November 11, 2018! 

This multi-faceted event will feature folk songs, string quartet and big band music from this tumultuous time period, as well as a chocolate chip cookie workshop (they were invented in 1938), a visual art activity on Art Deco and swing dance instruction.  Please contact Chris for more details!  

Composer's Corner & Teaching Studio