Meryl & The Magnetics

A dynamic trio that infuses elements of Americana, Singer/Songwriter styles and Jazz. Like a fine wine, any given song may feature one genre with notes of another enhancing its sound. Meryl & the Magnetics - Attracted by music.

An elegant performing group specializing in classic chamber music repertoire, as well as folk music from Italy, Greece and the Americas, Ragtime and Celtic selections, and much more, rounded out by Chris’ original compositions and arrangements for this wonderful instrumental combination.

Mosaic String Duo

A spirited and eclectic ensemble that incorporates musical influences from flamenco, middle eastern, classical, and rock genres. Infectious rhythms and exotic harmonies, combined with instrumental virtuosity, complete Mosaic's signature sound. Christopher Braddock (guitar, oud, dobro, and mandolin) and Douglas Seth (classical, flamenco, and electric guitars) bring it to life with sophisticated compositions, free form, improvisational style and technical precision. Visit for more information. To hear samples from Mosaic's Dead Reckoning CD or to download the tracks, click here

Second Opinion Jazz Duo

An electric piano and guitar duo joyfully delivering both classic standards and original songs. Specializing in high energy swing and laid back Latin-style jazz, spiced up with elements of rock, funk, and fusion. As long as there are different ways to play, there will always be a Second Opinion.

In addition to working as a solo artist, Chris is proud to perform regularly with the groups featured here.

Please contact Chris or any group member with questions or for information about booking.

Performing Ensembles

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Pegasus Trio